Round the Clock - Mix Selection

Round the Clock - Mix Selection

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A selection of Ceylon Green and Black teas ideal for those times when you need a break to recharge your day.

Dimbula BOP Black Tea - Probably the most famous name in Ceylon Tea this popular leaf brews a good balance of taste and strength.

Jasmine Mystique Green Tea - Ceylon Green Tea with  fragrant white flowers of Arabian Jasmine. Pick its deeply rich texture and body as a welcome complement to any meal.

Soursop OPA GreenTea - Ceylon Low Grown OPA blended with natural Sour sop pieces and flavoured with nature identical flavour of Sour sop (Graviola).

Wild Cherry Green/Black Tea - Ceylon Low Grown Black Tea OPA and Western Medium Ceylon Green Tea OPA blended with natural Hibiscus and Strawberry pieces and flavored with Nature identical flavor of Cherry.

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